Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cheap version of iPhone latest information on exposure

  Besides iPhone 5S, inferior version of the Apple iPhone is probably released on this year's plan. The iPhone in the high-end market has made ​​Such a huge success, Apple has the low-end market, to use the inexpensive version of the iPhone is reasonable.

  After the news that low-cost version of the iPhone is the plastic housing, and a variety of colors, use a 4-inch screen. The book follows a similar curved design of the iPhone 3GS. And recently, the media coverage of the alleged substandard version of iPhone protective cover, while the protective shell shape, in line with rumors.

  The protective cover is made of the MGM. It can be seen and accepted by the spy photos of her book have a slightly curved design. And can be used with the iPhone 5 Case Compared found an economical version of the iPhone is probably slightly thicker than the iPhone 5, iPhone 5, but cannot be compared with this sleeve fit. Nonetheless, still not able to check the authenticity of this protective shell, which is also possible that the rumors confirm developed according to the manufacturer only prototypes protective shell.

  By convention this year, Apple will release the next generation iPhone in September or October, but also low-cost version of the iPhone comes with still uncertain. The data show that the higher the price of the iPhone, so Apple in developing markets cannot compete with Samsung. Nokia, HTC, who had the low-end models, the manufacturer has to compete. So if Apple's competitors do not want to fall too far, the introduction of low-cost version of the iPhone is also passable.

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