Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mengniu premium of 9.4% of the full purchase price Ashley - Dairy Integrated pull the curtain

  After the opening bell today Mengniu Dairy was announcement that the entire purchase Ashley Dairy, cash offer price of shares made under the program $ 3.50 per share, compared to Ashley on 11 Recorded in June at the closing market price per share 3.2 million, the premium of approximately 9.4%, for a total purchase price of HK $ 12,460,000,000the This is the domestic dairy industry mergers and acquisitions in recent years, the most prominent drama.
  Yahweh founded in 1983, has more than 5,000 employees and assets of several billion dollars. Main Dairy, run food, nutrition and health, packaging, printing, and now has seven companies in Chaozhou, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City, Heilongjiang Province, Qiqihar City, Shanxi Shuozhou City, Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, the establishment of five large-scale base covers an area of ​​Nearly 1,000 base acres.
  Memphis was founded in August 1999. In the middle of July was the largest shareholder COFCO Mengniu 2009; August COFCO President succeeded in Xubo Gensheng as Mengniu founder chairman.
  It is worth noting that in the past year, the dairy giant from abroad to the offshore farms dairy producers. Maggie dairy enterprises at home and abroad often heard the "Acquisition" message. Plus the time, this is the period of one year for Mengniu Dairy fourth includes acquisition significantly accelerates the industry's restructuring.
  15th June 2012, Love with the Danish dairy company Mengniu Dairy Dawn signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the latter supported by the acquisition of shares by private equity funds, with 22 billion at the Mengniu, holds around 5.9%, making it the first to COFCO two major strategic shareholder.
  8 Increase announced May this year, Mengniu, China's biggest dairy companies in the modern animal husbandry of shares, participations become increased 1% from the original 28% to the single largest shareholder of modern animal husbandry, the stocks of the amount of the transaction approximately HK $ 3200000000th
  May 20, Mengniu Dairy holds press release, through a joint venture with COFCO Mengniu Dairy Company reached 4% of the shares and became a strategic shareholder of Mengniu, and plan for the future progress of the operations of the market shares of Mengniu.
  Mainland hundreds of dairy companies, today organized by the Ministry of Industry meeting to organize the implementation of the previously released "improve milk quality levels, consumer confidence in social action programs." Insiders pointed out that milk acts or domestic OEM allowed. During the restructuring and consolidation of the giant screen can also be provided by Mengniu. Ashley opened.
  Hong Kong's independent analyst Cenzhi Yong (microbiology) to Tencent Securities (microbiology), Mengniu and Ashley said in this matter, the state will achieve a win-win, Ashley milk from New Zealand, will help to access Mengniu milk market, thereby strengthening competitiveness and purchased for Ashley, the price should be good.

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