Friday, June 21, 2013

Giant Leslie and female stars' past

  Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui are a huge success in the 1980s, the singer, but also for China includes Star Records. Meanwhile, the two did in the movie "Fate" worked "by chance" and "Rouge" and other films closely to Japan has also repeatedly stated and in accordance with siblings. "I feel like Anita exchange best in films like" Rouge "and" Jinzhiyuye Ⅱ "or I, when the guests in her concert, etc., every time they very well with me; actor most importantly, if this to rotate movie, you feel like you let the enemy into the drama. "

  Leslie had loved only himself only female artist Leslie and Teresa Mo Teresa Mo early years registered in Hong Kong, "Li" TV Station, presided over various variety shows, Leslie Cheung Teresa Mo can say for love at first sight, marry the understanding flash soon, did not think this was another horror, understanding the two talked about love finally actually negotiate a good friend and poker buddies, and later worked with two "films" and other films, all together. Leslie said with a smile: "If it was hairy marry me, would change my life."

 Perhaps we will never know, my brother loved a woman at the end is what is, but he was very grateful to the woman behind the scenes must be supported by his manager Florence Chan, as in his "Fengzaiqishi" farewell concert, and they at Most mentioned. In 1982, Flo met him by accident. "I knew him when he was a little hairy guy from scratch and I found it very easy, warm, cute, was another to sing, and he even sang on stage with jumps, sing English songs," The Red Shoes " competition so if he is very active.

  Vivian brother considered short screen couple it to Vivian as Leslie favorite woman, not because she and her brother in an unusual gangster biopic "blue Arrest the Restless" has a tiny screen pair. Instead, all the texts of Hong Kong singer, only Vivian "If You Knew My difficulties" are a composer Leslie, Leslie Composer level is high, Vivian her "singing" to obtain this favor, really puzzling.

  Then to remove Leslie Cheung and Joey Wang starred in "Ghost Story" the most Colombian fans, even the power struggles entertainment, from the chef to the stars are full of praise for him in the form of concerts, King commemorate outside, we have repeated significance in interviews expressed nostalgia and admiration for her brother. Joey: The best screen lover lives Joey Chin chosen as the object of their ideals and its Leslie Quefei best lover on the screen perfectly.

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