Monday, November 18, 2013

British painter Francis Bacon’s works hit the auction record

British painter Francis Bacon created a group of paintings on the 13th at auction $ 142.4 million transaction, refresh paintings auction price record.

Auction will be held in New York, lots of World War II and contemporary art. Christie's auction house announced that, after six minutes of vigorous -site and telephone bidding, Bacon's "Lucian Freud portrait assignments" to $ 142.4 million deal. Check out the latest news on arts.

A total of seven bidders bidding in this painting among the end, to $ 127 million for the fall of the hammer, plus commissions sold for $ 142.4 million, when the world became the most expensive work of art, not only over the artist himself was created in 2008 auction record, and also exceeded the Edvard Munch "The Scream" has created nearly $ 120 million (including commission) auction record.

Bacon was born in Ireland in 1909, died in 1992, his work with rough, sharp, with a strong violence and nightmarish images known. After his death, his work won the admiration of the public, and the same amount of exclusion. "Lucian Freud portrait assignments" was created in 1969, drawn by the three independent components. Hero Lucian Freud is a famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud's grandson, are friends with the author, but also the artist.

Screen, Lucian Freud sitting in a chair, her face is divided into two parts; one for the front, the other part was shot from the side. Bacon, Freud only draw over two paintings, and this group is one of them, the other one was missing in 1966. Christie's auction house said that this group portrait is the first public auction.

It is reported that for now lives in Rome by a consortium of some collectors commissioned auction. In the 1970s, this group could be sold separately triptych, where the right part ( the lowest figure ) was a Roman collectors purchased, then the collectors have spent 20 years looking for the remaining two section. He first from an art dealer in Paris bought the paintings in the hands of the middle section, and then from the hands of the Japanese collector bought a left portion (top figure), finally able to make the work reunion. In the 1970s, this group of three paintings was painted by the Italian, French and Japanese collectors purchase. After 15 years apart and ultimately by that name Italian collector bought another two, they return to one.

Christie's auction house evaluation, this piece is a "manifestation of the relationship between Bacon and Freud's masterpiece, as the art of the 20th century masterpiece," The auction was "once in a lifetime" opportunity.

The day of the auction will also set two records. Including commissions, art auction 69 auction for a total of over 691 million U.S. dollars shoot, refresh Christie's contemporary art auction in May $ 495 million transaction records, the highest single-game auction turnover.

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