Sunday, November 17, 2013

Steps to follow when choosing multi light fixture for your home

Selection dome light, we must first consider changing light bulbs inconvenient, after the entire bad bulb is a very common thing, if the room is high enough, the chandelier is a good choice. But to figure out the caliber cap screw, because some non-standard caliber can not use energy-saving light bulbs.

In addition, a large kitchen and bathroom water vapor, more humid, and therefore should also be considered when buying waterproof multi light fixture problem.

Palace-style carved hollow chandelier delicate lines, carving delicate. But too complex even for complex modeling small size of the room will be overwhelming and depressing feeling, plus northern air is dry, dusty, too complicated multi light fixtures clean up will be very troublesome. Modern advocating simplicity, multi light fixture, too, is simple does not mean simple, simple shapes often more contemporary, coupled with strong texture of metal color, is the real finishing touch.

Lighting the entire room is designed to complement, therefore should be coordinated in style to each other well. A lot of people in the hallway or living room decorated like iron products used for decoration, such as glass door with wrought iron flower stem, is hanging on the wall clock wrought iron, wrought iron dining tables and chairs are also very beautiful, if accompanied by an iron pipe material chandelier the effect will be very good; while security has golden hands, golden yellow spotlights bedroom, gold decorative lights can also be mated. In short, the different functions of the same indoor multi light fixture style, color and style is best to unity.

Multi light fixture is the most direct function of light, but just enough to let the light against the background of our daily life, of which there are a lot of knowledge. Lamp, the different options, the resulting projection effects and mood there will be many changes. Sheepskin shade and Japanese paper shade, texture relatively, soft lighting and elegant; imitation mahogany combined with rosin jade shade, can light turns yellow, into a fun match with mahogany furniture, antique, can become a unique decor objects and furnishings to complement and foil; those Roman -style metal lamp itself is a miniature sculpture, quite artistic temperament.

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