Thursday, November 14, 2013

New evidence suggests that the UK property market is recovering modestly

Britain's largest mortgage company announced in early November; the findings showed that 70 percent of Britons believe that prices will rise in the coming months, which further demonstrates the confidence of the real estate market rebound.

This is Halifax (Halifax) quarterly survey since 2011 the highest since prices and the current Chancellor of the Exchequer on the "Help buyers" (Help to Buy) whether the mortgage loan as a project to create the conditions for a new round bubble exists controversy. For more news on real estate, please check out

A week ago, the real estate agency Rightmove found that London property Inquiry Index 10% higher than the average level, is the UK's fastest rising place, and elsewhere in the UK than the growth rate of home prices reached a record 2.8%.

Halifax found that more and more people believe that some parts of England in September home sales situation is not bad, but quite good.

These areas include the southeast, east, southwest, northeast, East Midlands and London. In June when the last survey conducted in those areas most people responded that housing sales experienced a bad time.

Halifax real estate economist Martin Ellis said that regional differences still exist; in Scotland, north-west and the East Midlands, people on the 2014 housing sales prospects are not good.

In the survey, the UK, less than 50% of people believe that this is a good time to houses, but more people just think this is a good time.

"Views on home sales improved significantly contribute to the supply of unsold homes on the market, which will ease the rising trend of prices, and help to improve the vitality of the market." Ellis said.

Halifax survey with the British real estate data firm Hometrack survey conducted simultaneously, the head of investigations Richard Donnell refutes rumors of a housing bubble.

"On a national housing bubble overdone, but in the case of tight supply, any weakening of the means of slowing house prices will rise." Ellis said.

He said the October housing prices stabilize and slow, and in September the same gains.

Donnell said, London's crazy purchase behavior as well as fears of skyrocketing housing prices " will begin to affect market sentiment, as well as people are willing to spend a higher price to buy a house wishes."

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