Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Computer science engineers are popular in these U.S. cities

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expected that" computer and information research scientist" jobs in 2010 and 2020 increased by 19%, which is a steady growth rate. For software developers, the prospects are even better forecast, jobs, is expected to grow by 30%.

Senior Software Engineer with an average salary of $ 98,000, the work became one of the five highest paid, the nation's total of 840 job openings. Recruiting a large number of other positions include: Software Engineer, Senior SharePoint Developer (Sharepoint is Microsoft's software platform and product group), Senior Software Engineer, software developers and Java developers. Here is the latest info on computer science.

Indeed website collects data, calculates the JOBS POSTED employer directly, rather than labor dispatch company released positions, to ensure that no duplication statistics.

Post Jobs in the largest city in New York in the forefront, with nearly 5,000 jobs. This is not surprising, because the city's large population, company -intensive, growth rate and Silicon Valley par. But concern is that, in my last year, when similar reports written, with many defense contractors and government work in Washington, DC ranked first. Washington, DC, this year, slipped to fifth place, with 2,200 jobs. Employment the Top ten of the city changed, partly because indeed we refined the study site, the target set within a radius of 25 miles of the city and surrounding communities. This year's list reflects more realistically Top Jobs city, rather than the distant suburbs and outlying regions.

Second only to New York, San Francisco, ranked second on the list, the city has a large number of high-tech start-ups, to provide 3,900 job openings. Seattle ranked third, with 3,000 jobs. Seattle has a large employer requires computer scientists, such as Amazon (Amazon) and Microsoft (Microsoft).

Indeed Jobs website following examples: In New York City, a company called Pulsepoint recruiting junior software engineer, which is a digital media and advertising business. Recruitment notice did not mention salary. The job required candidates in computer science, mathematics or engineering degree, or have equivalent professional experience required algorithms and the Java language proficiency skills.

In San Francisco, a fast-growing cloud computing company Twilio recruitment of senior software engineer, in addition to providing other services, the company also allows people to make and receive calls cloud hosting. Twilio increasingly long list of the company's customers, from airbnb to LinkedIn Company are included. Companies like Pulsepoint Like, Twilio Company require candidates with a computer science degree or equivalent, with at least five years of work experience.

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