Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hundreds of Bluetooth products usher in a huge smart accessories market

If the past Bluetooth applications only limited in certain areas, then today's Bluetooth 4.0 application is everywhere. Perhaps soon, your side table, cutlery will have Bluetooth capabilities to deliver a variety of information, it is worth noting that this day not far off, as it has been to golf clubs, football and toothbrushes previously impossible applications began to penetrate, not only because of a button battery can supply low-power Bluetooth 4.0 years, and the entire ecological chain applications are also being made fast to its promotion.

The Bluetooth SIG chief marketing officer Suke Jawanda said: "This year, we have seen the advent of hundreds of Bluetooth products, including home auto locks, pedometer, fitness sensors, football, shoes, medical equipment, and even flower pots, etc. products, which are made of ultra- low-power Bluetooth Smart technology. Currently this is only the initial stage; we look forward to the latest version of the Android platform and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology together to create a great possibility. " Yes, although this year there are hundreds of Bluetooth smart product launch, but this is only tip of the iceberg, at present, regardless of the industry or consumers for a variety of Bluetooth smart accessories are exhibited fanatical expectations, yes, say fanatical point, however. Please feel free to check out more information on Bluetooth products.

Suke Jawanda said the latest version of Android means that in July this year, just released Android4.3, which for Bluetooth applications, and is a milestone event. Android4.3 come out, so that a system equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth chips any Android smartphone or tablet computers will be Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, and thus can interconnect with other Bluetooth Smart devices, transferring data in the calculation and reduce the energy needed. "Apple's iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems have improved support for Bluetooth 4.0, but not enough support on Android, we have been trying to make Android better support for Bluetooth on, because Andrews in the global mobile smart devices half the proportion of installed capacity exceeded, it will be the most important operating system." Bluetooth SIG Developer Program Director Steve Hegenderfer of correspondents said," Now, Android4.3 can finally provide the original ecosystem supports Bluetooth 4.0 SDK, which for all application developers is undoubtedly important good news. "

Android4.3 launch, a variety of Bluetooth accessories Bluetooth Smart smart developers can more easily the various interconnected devices with Android applications, you can also take advantage of new Android applications program interface (API), read the other Bluetooth Smart applications the data collected, for example, through smart phones and tablet PCs and other Bluetooth Smart Ready products are running applications that monitor or collect fitness data on medical devices. Future consumers can upgrade to Android4.3 operating system, combined with the Bluetooth Smart sensor devices available in the market related to the Android application, people will be able to live in a world of infinite imagination intelligent ecological environment.

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