Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 10 stunning architectural models in the world

Melting guitar and mushroom-shaped parasol are fluid architectural impression. It is the kind of deconstruction of the traditional, highly imaginative freedom Cartesian geometry, is not always able to get the audience's praise, but its strong visual impact and unique shape is also true that people never forget to follow the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) reports, take a look at the world 's top ten fluid building it.

Spanish metropolis parasols
Located in Seville, Spain metropolis parasols, is the world's largest wooden structure, one of the city throughout history and in stark contrast to the urban environment. Architect J. Mayer H because of its architectural design is exquisite in 2012 was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. Here are the latest architecture design news.

Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Kunsthaus Graz in Austria is also known as a "friendly alien", to celebrate Graz in 2003 was named "European Capital of Culture" and built. It Plexiglas plate surface is less than 900 by the traditional fluorescent composition, by means of natural light and heat, you can see images and animations.

American Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle has the most striking architectural style, its exquisite color and texture can be traced back a melting electric guitar, electric guitar architect Gehry to get inspiration from. In addition, it has been the construction of the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sponsorship.

Spruce Street in New York eight
10500 or flat or curly stainless steel panels form a skyscraper facade. In order to make the building better integrated into the urban context, the bottom five floors are covered with bricks.

England Selfridges building
Sale Ridge department store building entirely by 60 cm wide, gleaming aluminum coating, crypt ands shopping World's whimsy is the beginning of futuristic architectural design. Therefore the design of its architect won six awards, including the 2004 Royal Architectural Institute Award.

England St. Gateshead concert
Curved glass mantle beneath are three different sizes, but the concert hall fully equipped with high-end technology. St. Gateshead concert hall built in 2004; its own complex shapes have become Newcastle City a beautiful landscape.

Helan Suleyman Han building entrance
From 950 square meters to 250 square meters of ground floor on the top floor with floor areas are building mobility patterns change. Total reminiscent of Han Eindhoven building entrance is developing into a new retail area.

Golden Terraces Poland
Golden Terraces construction is very complicated; it is by far the most expensive real estate in Warsaw part of the project. This mall has a glass top, containing 4700 individual glass elements to complex wavy extensions to four by Jerde designed.

London City Hall
London City Hall is the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London's office, the Foster + Partners design will be designed into an oval original intention was to make the building as possible ongoing. Meanwhile, in order to improve the utilization of energy, building surface has been reduced.

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