Monday, November 4, 2013

European countries promote energy efficient building materials

In Europe, more and more people in the rental, purchase and build the house, the house began to seriously consider energy issues. Through the use of thermal insulation materials, the use of heat recovery system and equipped with heating facilities, new energy, a set of low-power energy-efficient housing, both clean and green, they can save a lot of energy expenditure.

According to the German southwestern Baden-Wuerttemberg government statistics, the annual heating energy consumption accounts for housing energy consumption nearly 1 /3 of the average home 's energy consumption for heating is accounted for 80% of its total energy consumption. Therefore, improving the thermal performance of buildings, for energy conservation is very important. In recent years, German at the beginning of the great attention to architectural design energy efficiency. Daimler Potsdamer Platz in Berlin designers of built-up areas von Kaduo Fu told reporters, is taken into account in the design of ventilation and lighting, which helps to reduce building energy consumption. Meanwhile, the window can be automatically adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature vents, and accurate calculation of the air flow direction, in order to achieve a good convection: Summer indoors without air conditioning case to maintain a comfortable temperature, and can provide good isolation winter thermal effect. Please feel free to read more news on building materials.

Resident correspondents in Brussels for many years, during which lived in a home. Before moving, reporters live in a built in the 1960s, nine -story apartment building, the main reason for moving is too expensive heating costs. According to Belgium's biggest media group Roularta doing survey shows that most buyers focus on Belgian building or location, followed by energy. In addition, almost all respondents believe that 10 years will become the primary consideration energy. Owns a villa with a garden and swimming pool has become obsolete dreams, people no longer pursue the luxury housing. The actual demand to promote energy-saving building technology, energy efficiency in buildings makes Belgium the global forefront.

In France, the heating energy consumption accounts for about 60% of total energy consumption housing, heating is a Frenchman living in the most energy-consuming part. French government requires new housing to meet the latest low-power standards, and filled with the old house against the government proposal for the refurbishment of houses high energy consumption, laying more efficient heating equipment and insulation devices. As people continue to attach importance to the problem of energy saving, new energy company is now also promoting solar or biomass heating equipment in order to reduce energy costs, and a cleaner environment. According to statistics, if a building does not heat, it will cause a lot of heat loss.

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