Sunday, November 3, 2013

U.S. researchers have concluded six methods to keep cancer away

University of California at Los Angeles, a new study found that nearly 20 years, the incidence of colorectal cancer increased by 17%. In this regard, Stanford University Cancer Research Center intestinal surgery expert Dr. Mark summed up the six habits teach you protect the intestinal tract.

Eat berries. Ohio State University study found that anthocyanins in berries such as raspberries and polyphenols can inhibit tumor growth. Black raspberry (aka raspberry) in anthocyanins and polyphenols is more than red raspberries anticancer substances 40% more. And a few hours after eating frozen berries, get more anti-cancer substances. Here is more news on cancer and health.

University of California, eight-year study found that vitamin D helps change the intestinal cell growth and prevent cancer. Not putting on sunscreen every day, the sun 10 minutes the sun helps the body produce enough vitamin D. Fewer opportunities in winter, when the sun, the best multi- vitamin every day D.

Exercise 40 minutes a day. University of Utah study found that 40 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise (running, swimming, skiing, cycling, etc.) can help reduce insulin levels and inhibit tumor growth. In addition, aerobic exercise can promote digestion, accelerate intestinal emptying, reduce carcinogens residence time. Exercise 65% of maximum heart rate for the best 85%.

Eat corn with butter. University of Maryland study found that corn and other foods rich in cellulose component prevents intestinal tumor growth; ensure cells in a healthy state. Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that butter also has anti- cancer effect. Eat some fat dairy products per day reduced the risk of colon cancer 34%. It may be appropriate to eat corn with point butter.

Louisiana State University study found that curry inhibits tumor angiogenesis, when cancer cells are exposed to curry a day when the death of cancer cells by 25%. Therefore, eat at least once a week is best curry chicken, curry rice or vegetable curry. In addition, eating curry after taking a small piece of aspirin, anti-cancer anti-inflammatory effect is better.

Eat fish, drink white tea. Weill Medical College of Cornell University said that to prevent colon cancer, the refrigerator should be rich in omega -3 fatty acids in fish, such as octopus, fish and other marine fish. Oregon State University, the latest study found that white tea inhibited tumor cells stronger than green tea.

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