Sunday, March 9, 2014

Eco friendly lighting LED is used for tunnel lighting system

This invention relates to solar power, wind power, LED tunnel eco friendly lighting related fields, discloses an environmentally friendly energy-saving environmental protection energy-saving LED tunnel eco friendly lighting system design area, and relevant specific application of solar energy, wind energy into electricity for centralized power LED tunnel area eco friendly lighting system design.

With the emerging problem of energy shortage, wind and solar power technology rapid development, combined with the eco friendly lighting in remote areas transportation, can achieve the best effect of small-scale eco friendly lighting power supply.

Wind and solar eco friendly lighting technology has also been applied in the country, but most of the scenery complementary application of domestic eco friendly lighting technology is still based on traditional hot light source illuminating, because the luminous efficiency is low, heat consumption, short life and high environmental requirements and other applications Dual-lamp lighting Flashlight system to produce a variety of reasons a greater burden.

The purpose of the invention is to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art, in a non-specific tunnel area, the design of a non- topographical and environmental constraints, and the need for external power supply supplementary solar, wind or solar hybrid eco friendly lighting system, solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, storage equipment independent of the eco friendly lighting equipment, and through a master control circuit power supply to all eco friendly lighting within a region.

The purpose of the present invention is achieved, an environmentally friendly energy-saving LED tunnel area eco friendly lighting system, which is characterized with a solar power system, wind power generation system, rectifier equipment, storage equipment, shunt controller, output switching power supplies, LED tunnel eco friendly lighting, solar power systems, wind energy systems are connected rectifier equipment and storage devices, storage devices through the shunt controller, connected to the output switching power LED tunnel eco friendly lighting equipment.

The storage device comprises a single block of batteries, battery arrays and storage power station. The rectifier device includes a solar rectifier controller, a controller and an integrated wind power rectifier circuit, rectifier controller solar, wind rectifier controller integrated circuits are connected.

The LED tunnel eco friendly lighting device includes a set of two groups and multiple groups, each LED tunnel eco friendly lighting device has a separate drive and control the output power conversion.

The shunt between the controller and the output of the power converter and transmission power Transmission distance big fashion transformer. The present invention, the power required by the eco friendly lighting system and the solar power generation system and wind power systems together to provide added without external power supply. When the outside light and lack of sufficient wind, the wind power generation system can be omitted only provide eco friendly lighting electricity through solar power system ; Similarly, when the outside wind sufficient and insufficient sunshine, solar power systems can be omitted only by wind power systems to provide eco friendly lighting electricity. Solar and wind energy is converted to electrical energy storage into the first storage device, storage device and then from the power supply for LED tunnel eco friendly lighting equipment. Home & Garden Blogs - Blog Rankings LED light,toshiba led tubes,prospects for led lighting

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