Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toshiba Lighting launches new range of LED tubes these years

Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 550 consolidated companies, with 202,000 employees worldwide and annual sales surpassing 6.1 trillion yen (US$74 billion).

LED lamps consume 90% less energy than conventional bulbs and pay themselves off after a short operating time due to low energy costs, long life expectancy and freedom of maintenance. LED lamps do not get hot and reach 100% brightness immediately (no warming-up period like energy saving lamps). The latest models cannot be distinguished from conventional bulbs by the untrained eye and reach high brightness with a very natural colour rendering.

Toshiba is reported to start offering 40 types of LED tubes by March that it will market to offices and factories.Toshiba Lighting Division announces the launch of its new range of LED Retrofit Tube Lighting products. click there: the Toshiba LED 8A19-27F-UP Bulb is a best in class specification, as well as a higher lumen class of up to 105lm/W representing the most efficient model currently on the market in this lumen class of tube.

Indeed, this is the first range of tube lighting solutions with an efficiency above the T8 fluorescent lamp. The range is weatherproof and comes with a safe change on electromagnetic ballast, requiring no rewiring, and therefore represents the easiest and safest and least expensive model available on the market for indoor and outdoor application which could revolutionise the market.

Toshiba LED tubes also places a special emphasis on design quality and appearance which are key to the commercial adaptation of this product for indoor store use. The design excellence means the E-CORE LED G13 product has altready been launched for warehouse and supermarket installation in Spain.


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