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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lunartec 7×3 watt reflection lights pass the test

LED lamps used to feature 12V connection, there are now few. The Lunartec 7x 3 Watt LED spotlight ' cool white ' PAR 30, E27, 230 is the first design that delivers usual light levels.

With the LED lamps it is not yet quite cheating: effective, high-efficiency they are okay.

The power consumption is low, a maximum of 3-6 watts even with almost 100 reflection light in the housing or a power chip. And 3 Watt Input with high efficiency also showed up only a brightness corresponding to 12 to 16 watts of a light bulb, even if like to multiples specified.The Lunartec 7x 3 Watt LED spotlight " cool white ", available at Pearl, is now for the first time different:

In him not stuck 12-90 normal white reflection light, but seven power chips, each with 3 watts. Power together 21 watts, which may correspond to a bulb of 60 to 100 watts - and that too with light collection!

This is the Lunartec 7×3 Watt reflection light 30 / LED spotlights the first LED lamp that can really be competing with incandescent lamps and CFL lamps in the household. They are available in cool white - similar to daylight, with 1150 lux slightly lighter - or warm white - with 820 lux about 1/3 less bright, but rather fits in the light color to incandescent lamps.

Which color of light is preferred depends on the type of application : For work and for illumination on cloudy days, the daylight color is better late at night would make this one but to awake. Then, however, might even be too much of a good thing by their brightness the warm white version.

As photo lamps, reflection light are not suitable, even if energy saving lamps as an occasion to celebrate successes and reflection light to these significant advantages are: No slow brightening and no risk of breakage. However, the spectrum of the reflection light is still too unevenly - the tested cold white Lunartec 7×3 Watt PAR 30 delivered compared to daylight a greenish image - and the light distribution as well : let The reflection light provide a highly focused light, with the photograph only small objects.

The crux of the Lunartec 7×3 Watt PAR 30 is so far the price : They cost just under 80 euros individually, in packs of four are still 250 euros. While it may cost more, some designers lamp, but a "pear" you give that kind of money but hardly out, especially since in the past some Lunartec lamps service life problems had.