Saturday, June 29, 2013

How'd He Do It? British Magician Levitates On Side Of Double Decker Bus In the Morning


London is one of the world’s most famous cities, renown for their tea, Buckingham Palace guards, and of course, their double-decker buses.  British magician Dynamo to present this instantaneous viral video, Bus Levitation .British magician Dynamo has wowed onlookers by "levitating" off a London double-decker bus and traveling across the Westminster Bridge. In a publicity stunt for Pepsi Max, the 30-year-old illusionist, whose real name is Steven Frayne, appeared to hold on to the top of the 15-foot-tall bus with only the palm of one hand, his feet dangling in the air. With the other hand, he waved, texted and took pictures of the crowd. People on the street were impressed, though skeptics had their theories on how the trick was done. Spoilsports.

These is a levitating magician shocked Londoners when he appeared to float alongside a double-decker bus, but online sleuths think they have figured out his trick. German performance artist Johan Lorbeer has performed a similar levitation stunt -- standing in mid-air with his arm outstretched, hand touching a flat surface -- in countries such as Egypt, France and Spain, the Telegraph notes. A photograph from one of his Egypt performances shows a prosthetic arm attached to a metal bar and an apparatus for the body.  A magician never pulls back the curtain, and Frayne hasn't revealed how exactly he did it. Season 3 of "Dynamo: Magician Impossible" is set to premiere July 15 on the Watch Channel.

This British magician and illusionist Dynamo, wowed onlookers in London as he appeared to levitate next to a red double-decker bus with only one palm of his hand placed on the roof of the bus. The video shows the television magician whose real name is Steven Frayne, hanging from the side of the bus as it drove around the city of London, past major landmarks, including Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and across the Westminster Bridge.

So, what do you think how he do that?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Due to competitive pressures one million yuan tuition match for parents to send their female students determination

As people're living standards rising, parents are concerned about their children's education is also increasing. Reporters on the test through these days parents paternity test survey learned that almost every family will be home to 40% of revenues for investment in their children's schooling. And faced with the rising cost of education of domestic and intense competitive pressures, many prominent economic strength of the parents chose to send their children abroad early, take a different path.

Yang Bin, it seems highly educated couples, Chinese traditional entrance (microbiology) Chinese examination system is undoubtedly a major growth path, but their children may not have to slavishly, walking through the old parents. "To be honest, my kids though ability, social skills, the reaction rate is very good, but the results are not really from primary to junior high school has been prominent since the examination-oriented education can not come out on top in the country, it is better to let her go another way out. "

Faced with this situation, in a study in Changchun as intermediaries abroad advisor Zhang Yuan believes that although many parents want to send their children to study abroad early, let the children have an advantage in learning the language, but also should be from the child's actual level of English and living skills starting consideration. "I think sometimes, a reasonable transition or a foreshadowing, can become the basis for leap, without this foundation, you may fall into the embarrassing haste makes waste, if students choose to go abroad in the junior high school stage, then, must have Good adaptability and learning and communication skills. "

Experts suggest that in young students studying, you must think clearly whether their children have a good psychological quality, is able to independently learn to face life abroad, and there is a bright self independent thinking. If you just simply too big to escape familial pressures of high school life and college entrance examination, but did not seriously examine the child's self-care, self-control, self-regulation, to go abroad must be careful.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ShenZhou-10 return to earth and three astronauts safe landing

  BEIJING, June 26 of Inner Mongolia Power (Reporter Sun Zifa) Beijing time at 9:41 on June 26 Xu, Shenzhou ten flight by group three astronauts Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang, Wang Yaping, in central Inner Mongolia Prairie "God Ten" the end of the task the main landing site for 15 days of space travel, from the spacecraft re-entry capsule health spacewalk from their homes to return to the home planet in space.

  "God Ten" three astronauts flying this journey, the successful implementation stationed Temple One (microbiology), Temple One spacecraft with automatic and manual rendezvous and docking, China's first space classes, China's first spacecraft rendezvous and test flying around and aerospace medical experiments, technical experiments and a series of space activities, successful completion of the China manned Space Engineering space shuttles transport system is first applied missions.

  After 15 days of space flight, which three astronauts "back home" in good spirits. Among them, "God ten" Task Commander Nie Haisheng flying twice so far to achieve, to become China so far the longest space flight astronauts, "80" Yaping is China's second female astronaut, she becomes the first Flying China's first "teacher in space."

  It is reported that. "God then" three astronauts, will undergo a medical examination facelift, rest, and enjoy a return to the ground from the first meal will be followed by a special plane airlifted to transit the airport to fly back to Beijing.

ShenZhou-10 safe landing
ShenZhou-10 safe landing

Read china,know China from latest news

1.Chinese Netizens React Strongly to Prism

  China sina Weibo, with over 400 million registered. They actively discussed Prism and Snowden, with over two million postings and discussions. The overall tone was very clear – microbloggers were angry about the perceived hypocrisy, they were sympathetic to Snowden, and they were disillusioned about the US as a democratic role model.

2.Woman killed by runaway supermarket trolley which sped down an escalator at Chinese store

  The 60-year-old, who was shopping alone,died from horrific injuries after being hit by the metal trolley at the Chinesestore. According to a report on Stomp andQQ twomen had loaded a trolley of their own with 15 crates of drinks, instead ofusing a supermarket trolley - store trolleys are adapted to lock onto theridges on the escalator.

3.Feinstein think China ‘clearly had a role’ in Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong

  Feinstein: China ‘clearly had a role’ in Snowden’s departure from Hong Kong. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Sunday that she believes China played a role in allowing Edward Snowden to leave Hong Kong, wasting what she called an opportunity to “improve relations” with the United States.

4.China asks Pakistan to guarantee safety of its nationals

  Pakistan Gunmen Kill Foreign Climbers In Brazen Attack, after that, China on Sunday asked Pakistan to "guarantee the safety" of its nationals working there as it condemned a violent militant attack on a base camp in the country's north in which 10 people, including three Chinese tourists, were killed.

5.China's Yunnan province travel photos

Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 articles theme about shopping reproduce from yahoo

The wild frontier of closed captions and digital downloads

 In recent years, I've become hooked on using closed captioning for pretty every movie and TV show I watch – whether it's on the TV, the tablet or the smart phone.
   I don't have any particular hearing impairment, but I do have two small children who make an impossible amount of noise, in every waking hour, in every room of the house. I've found that closed captioning is critical whenever they're around. It's also useful for the many foreign films and BBC TV shows I watch, which can feature thick and troublesome accents.

Sneak peek: Benefit Cosmetics “Stay Flawless” 15-Hour makeup primer

  How many times have you woke up early, applied your makeup, headed to work and then checked yourself in the mirror only to see your makeup has completely disappeared? It is so frustrating and leaves many women wondering why they bothered to do their makeup at all.
  You've probably tried long-wear makeup and it feels heavy and looks cakey. You've tried primers and they leave you a greasy mess. San Francisco-based Benefit Cosmetics hopes to change that with the newest addition to their line of "Fake-Its".

Five big bathing suit buying mistakes you might be making:

  Finding the right bikini or maillot is much easier (and way more fun!) if you can avoid these common trip-ups. Trying Things On Without Self Tanner
  There are about two dressing rooms in all of dressing room-dom that have flattering lighting—and chances are you won't encounter either during your swimsuit shopping excursion. Glowing skin makes standing nearly naked under all that glaring florescent-ness about a million times more bearable.

Socks on clouds: Nike Dual Fusion Run trainers review

  This year I have been making a lot of changes. I have dramatically improved my diet and no longer eat Sour Patch Kids several times a week (my dentist is thrilled). My wine consumption has been greatly reduced and reserved for special occasions only. Finally, I have vowed to workout at least 3 times a week.
I live in hilly San Francisco, so my neighborhood is my treadmill. Everyday I hike up Nob Hill (in heels) on my way to and from work. While tourists are huffing and puffing and stopping for breaks, I breeze past them light as a feather.

Spring style checklist for men

  So, you’re a guy and it’s almost spring. You’ve been blithely wearing your black, navy and brown clothes all fall and winter, and looking mighty fine that way too. And maybe you’re not welcoming the thought of wearing the kaleidoscope of colors and patterns those puckering dudes in the style catalogues are rocking.
  I hear you. You won’t find many pastels or floral patterns in my closet either. But spring does give us a chance to shake things up sartorially, and the transition can be subtle.