Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toshiba Lighting launches new range of LED tubes these years

Toshiba was founded in 1875, and today operates a global network of more than 550 consolidated companies, with 202,000 employees worldwide and annual sales surpassing 6.1 trillion yen (US$74 billion).

LED lamps consume 90% less energy than conventional bulbs and pay themselves off after a short operating time due to low energy costs, long life expectancy and freedom of maintenance. LED lamps do not get hot and reach 100% brightness immediately (no warming-up period like energy saving lamps). The latest models cannot be distinguished from conventional bulbs by the untrained eye and reach high brightness with a very natural colour rendering.

Toshiba is reported to start offering 40 types of LED tubes by March that it will market to offices and factories.Toshiba Lighting Division announces the launch of its new range of LED Retrofit Tube Lighting products. click there: the Toshiba LED 8A19-27F-UP Bulb is a best in class specification, as well as a higher lumen class of up to 105lm/W representing the most efficient model currently on the market in this lumen class of tube.

Indeed, this is the first range of tube lighting solutions with an efficiency above the T8 fluorescent lamp. The range is weatherproof and comes with a safe change on electromagnetic ballast, requiring no rewiring, and therefore represents the easiest and safest and least expensive model available on the market for indoor and outdoor application which could revolutionise the market.

Toshiba LED tubes also places a special emphasis on design quality and appearance which are key to the commercial adaptation of this product for indoor store use. The design excellence means the E-CORE LED G13 product has altready been launched for warehouse and supermarket installation in Spain.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Waterproof LED reflection lights are becoming popular

The utility model discloses a waterproof LED reflection lights, searchlights, including the lamp, rear, power, radiator, under boxes, light board, the lens plate and cover, the reflection light also includes a first seal silicone ring, the first second and third sealing silicone ring seal silicone ring, the first sealing silicone ring is sandwiched between the rear and radiator; second sealing silicone ring is sandwiched between the light board and heat sink, and the third sealing silicone ring holder between the cover and the lower case.

The utility model is waterproof LED reflection light, by setting three waterproof apron to prevent water from entering into the reflection light internal cavity, thus ensuring the LED Waterproof reflection light work in high humidity environments; case is not designed heat sink through higher hole, thus ensuring a waterproof case reflection lights; simple case structure, waterproof and energy saving effect.

The utility model relates to lighting technology, in particular, relates to an LED waterproof Reflection Light Sensor. Existing LED reflection lights, not having a waterproof structure can not be achieved hall bath, toilet water and other places lighting. Therefore, an urgent need waterproof LED reflection lights on the market to achieve environmental bathing hall and bathroom lighting.

For these technologies at the deficiencies that exist in the utility model provides a simple structure, waterproof effect and energy saving LED waterproof reflection lights.

To achieve the above objective, the present utility model provides a waterproof LED lighting, including lamp, rear, power, radiator, under boxes, light board, the lens plate and cover, the back cover with the radiator cap via a fixed connection Synthesis of the first enclosed cavity, the power supply in a first cavity; through the lower box and the radiator cover is fixedly connected synthesis around the second cavity, the light panels and the second lens plate in the cavity, and the light board and heat sink fixed connection; said LED waterproof reflection light also includes a first seal silicone ring, and the second and third sealing silicone ring seal silicone ring, said first sealing cover and silicone ring clamped between the radiator; said second sealing silicone ring is sandwiched between the light board and heat sink, the third seal silicone ring is sandwiched between the upper cover and lower case.

The utility model has the advantages that: Compared with the prior art, the utility model provides waterproof LED reflection lights, by setting three waterproof apron to prevent water from entering into the reflection light internal cavity, thus ensuring the LED Waterproof reflection light work in a high humidity environment; case heatsink thermal vias are not designed to ensure high waterproof case reflection lights ability; simple case structure, good waterproof effect and energy saving.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Eco friendly lighting LED is used for tunnel lighting system

This invention relates to solar power, wind power, LED tunnel eco friendly lighting related fields, discloses an environmentally friendly energy-saving environmental protection energy-saving LED tunnel eco friendly lighting system design area, and relevant specific application of solar energy, wind energy into electricity for centralized power LED tunnel area eco friendly lighting system design.

With the emerging problem of energy shortage, wind and solar power technology rapid development, combined with the eco friendly lighting in remote areas transportation, can achieve the best effect of small-scale eco friendly lighting power supply.

Wind and solar eco friendly lighting technology has also been applied in the country, but most of the scenery complementary application of domestic eco friendly lighting technology is still based on traditional hot light source illuminating, because the luminous efficiency is low, heat consumption, short life and high environmental requirements and other applications Dual-lamp lighting Flashlight system to produce a variety of reasons a greater burden.

The purpose of the invention is to overcome the disadvantages of the prior art, in a non-specific tunnel area, the design of a non- topographical and environmental constraints, and the need for external power supply supplementary solar, wind or solar hybrid eco friendly lighting system, solar power generation equipment, wind power generation equipment, storage equipment independent of the eco friendly lighting equipment, and through a master control circuit power supply to all eco friendly lighting within a region.

The purpose of the present invention is achieved, an environmentally friendly energy-saving LED tunnel area eco friendly lighting system, which is characterized with a solar power system, wind power generation system, rectifier equipment, storage equipment, shunt controller, output switching power supplies, LED tunnel eco friendly lighting, solar power systems, wind energy systems are connected rectifier equipment and storage devices, storage devices through the shunt controller, connected to the output switching power LED tunnel eco friendly lighting equipment.

The storage device comprises a single block of batteries, battery arrays and storage power station. The rectifier device includes a solar rectifier controller, a controller and an integrated wind power rectifier circuit, rectifier controller solar, wind rectifier controller integrated circuits are connected.

The LED tunnel eco friendly lighting device includes a set of two groups and multiple groups, each LED tunnel eco friendly lighting device has a separate drive and control the output power conversion.

The shunt between the controller and the output of the power converter and transmission power Transmission distance big fashion transformer. The present invention, the power required by the eco friendly lighting system and the solar power generation system and wind power systems together to provide added without external power supply. When the outside light and lack of sufficient wind, the wind power generation system can be omitted only provide eco friendly lighting electricity through solar power system ; Similarly, when the outside wind sufficient and insufficient sunshine, solar power systems can be omitted only by wind power systems to provide eco friendly lighting electricity. Solar and wind energy is converted to electrical energy storage into the first storage device, storage device and then from the power supply for LED tunnel eco friendly lighting equipment.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eco friendly lighting devices can be versatile and convenient

The utility model relates to LED eco friendly lighting, green energy in particular relates to a multi-functional eco friendly lighting device is a semiconductor eco friendly lighting technology.

In real life, most people can not do without is the eco friendly lighting, which is now mostly used for eco friendly lighting appliances, incandescent, fluorescent energy saving lamps. These sources are bulky, although both simple electrical circuit design strengths, but the prevalence of traditional lamps bulky, energy consumption is relatively serious shortcomings. Currently the application started brewing domestic semiconductor eco friendly lighting technology is still in its infancy, LED level only to the extent of the package, although it is higher than traditional eco friendly lighting has been greatly improved in terms of volume and energy, but due to the complexity of the electrical circuit design, improved technical solutions limited; especially without charge and discharge design, in a blackout situation is likely to cause confusion may not illuminate the formation, thus making energy-saving features are widely used with excellent prospects of LED light fixtures bring a certain degree of difficulty.

The utility model for the above shortcomings, providing multi-functional 2W Eco-Friendly Solar Lawn Light energy-saving devices, to solve the problem of LED devices in a power outage situation does not work. The utility model of environmentally friendly energy-saving eco friendly lighting multifunction devices, including light body, at least one set of light-emitting diodes and light-emitting diodes for the PCB metal line connection, which is characterized by:

The multifunctional energy-saving LED eco friendly lighting device in the original eco friendly lighting circuit added automatically charging and discharging circuit, the automatic charging and discharging circuit comprises a diode DbD2, D3, 04 consists of AC / DC rectifier circuit through the capacitor d, C2, inductor L2 consisting of: type filter circuit with integrated step-down switching module with optical coupling circuit is connected, plus a NiMH rechargeable battery charging circuit composed; nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries and boost diode with a voltage regulator switching module and an integrated light-emitting diode of the discharge circuit.

By designing these circuits, the utility model a good solution to LED lights can charge and discharge issues, making even in case of power failure, LED lights are still able to work some time to repair equipment for the precious time.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Customized eco friendly lighting devices are now available

For the amount of power consumed today are using incandescent and high-pressure sodium vapor lamps, as well as atmospheric emissions of carbon dioxide due to the power consumption caused, has caused global concern. Also, incandescent with a shorter life span and use of hazardous materials, which caused high maintenance costs and harmful to the ecosystem, and has inherently unsustainable. Therefore, based on solid-state eco friendly lighting technology has been used as a future most energy, eco-friendly light source and widely publicized.

Solid-state eco friendly lighting has the potential to revolutionize the eco friendly lighting industry. Used in the tag and a display signal in order to provide rapid evolution of LED is a light source for general eco friendly lighting. Because this technique can reduce energy consumption and has a reduced maintenance features, has a broad prospect. The best commercial white LED eco friendly lighting incandescent eco friendly lighting system can provide more than twice the luminous efficiency (lumens per watt). Because no filter, the colored LED eco friendly lighting application particularly advantageous.

Since the possible ways to compensate LED heat dissipation effect is to make it as a way to design a lot of heat the body of the device with LED Torch Flashlight panels. There can be mounted on its material and design of solid-state eco friendly lighting devices eco friendly lighting panel to achieve maximum heat dissipation.

The main object of the present invention is to provide high power efficiency, and can be environmentally friendly and durable high speed, high accuracy and high degree of flexibility to be customized eco friendly lighting solutions manufactured.

Another significant object of the present invention is to provide a power supply unit can be used to achieve > power factor of 0.98 in order to reduce the ratio of the solid-state reactive power of the eco friendly lighting apparatus.

Another object of the present invention is to provide a lens by mounting the solid-state eco friendly lighting source to achieve greater than 90% of the light in the desired area, thereby preventing the solid-state eco friendly lighting device does not need a light scattering region. Do not want to enter the plane of the small light amount from 0.01 to 20%. Provide a high degree of flexibility, can be adapted to use CAD and CNC equipment design processes. The use of CAD and CNC processes utilize the maximum percentage of raw materials to produce solid-state eco friendly lighting to reduce the waste of raw materials. Providing illumination device light, which may be economically produced and transported, and still has high economic value of the waste, even when the complete lifetime of the eco friendly lighting device. Providing easy maintenance of the solid-state eco friendly lighting device, wherein the power supply unit as a separate component and can be replaced in the event of failure.

Provide refurbished eco friendly lighting device, which can be replaced while the existing infrastructure, no need to make a significant change. The design does not need to make a special kind of state surrounded by pieces of physical infrastructure. With lights, for example, through custom built refurbished design, without changing the lamp posts, but the proposed renovation of the eco friendly lighting device designed to replace the existing cover hood.