Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Silver Slim Aluminum Case Cover Shell for Ipad Mini

This bluetooth keyboard features some distinct technical details. It is made of aluminum material. The ultra-thin design creates a perfect experience trip. The use of the bluetooth keyboard allows your iPad Mini to become a laptop. You can hold your iPad at the optimum viewing angle when typing or watching a movie. The keyboard is attached using strong magnetic clip, safe and scratch. The sleep mode is energy efficient.

Lugulake Ultralight case keyboard is designed to be a perfect companion to your iPad mini. It lets you have a laptop and tablet at the same time. The Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 3.0. The use voltage ranges from 3.0 to 5. The working current is less than 5 mA. The dormancy current is less than 200 uA. The standby time is up to 60 days, which is amazing. The charging time is 4-5 h. Please feel free to check out more computer mouse products on LuguLake.

Bluetooth keyboard is also portable tablet PC is the best partner. As long as Bluetooth technology, you can easily use this hot Bluetooth keyboard. It enables you to easily and comfortable writing email, notes and browsing the web.

Designers full consideration to the key body is smooth, rich appearance flow line, and that the greatest degree of folding. The unique design makes it the keyboard can easily be placed in pocket or purse, carry, and when you need it, opened it becomes a full-size keyboard.

There is a unique design on the keyboard flat lock, so that even at the airport, or other small space, you can place on any flat surface and use our stowaway BT keyboard. And the keyboard can also be the perfect support for international standardization of identity and character.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hundreds of Bluetooth products usher in a huge smart accessories market

If the past Bluetooth applications only limited in certain areas, then today's Bluetooth 4.0 application is everywhere. Perhaps soon, your side table, cutlery will have Bluetooth capabilities to deliver a variety of information, it is worth noting that this day not far off, as it has been to golf clubs, football and toothbrushes previously impossible applications began to penetrate, not only because of a button battery can supply low-power Bluetooth 4.0 years, and the entire ecological chain applications are also being made fast to its promotion.

The Bluetooth SIG chief marketing officer Suke Jawanda said: "This year, we have seen the advent of hundreds of Bluetooth products, including home auto locks, pedometer, fitness sensors, football, shoes, medical equipment, and even flower pots, etc. products, which are made of ultra- low-power Bluetooth Smart technology. Currently this is only the initial stage; we look forward to the latest version of the Android platform and Bluetooth Smart Ready technology together to create a great possibility. " Yes, although this year there are hundreds of Bluetooth smart product launch, but this is only tip of the iceberg, at present, regardless of the industry or consumers for a variety of Bluetooth smart accessories are exhibited fanatical expectations, yes, say fanatical point, however. Please feel free to check out more information on Bluetooth products.

Suke Jawanda said the latest version of Android means that in July this year, just released Android4.3, which for Bluetooth applications, and is a milestone event. Android4.3 come out, so that a system equipped with dual-mode Bluetooth chips any Android smartphone or tablet computers will be Bluetooth Smart Ready devices, and thus can interconnect with other Bluetooth Smart devices, transferring data in the calculation and reduce the energy needed. "Apple's iOS, BlackBerry and Microsoft operating systems have improved support for Bluetooth 4.0, but not enough support on Android, we have been trying to make Android better support for Bluetooth on, because Andrews in the global mobile smart devices half the proportion of installed capacity exceeded, it will be the most important operating system." Bluetooth SIG Developer Program Director Steve Hegenderfer of correspondents said," Now, Android4.3 can finally provide the original ecosystem supports Bluetooth 4.0 SDK, which for all application developers is undoubtedly important good news. "

Android4.3 launch, a variety of Bluetooth accessories Bluetooth Smart smart developers can more easily the various interconnected devices with Android applications, you can also take advantage of new Android applications program interface (API), read the other Bluetooth Smart applications the data collected, for example, through smart phones and tablet PCs and other Bluetooth Smart Ready products are running applications that monitor or collect fitness data on medical devices. Future consumers can upgrade to Android4.3 operating system, combined with the Bluetooth Smart sensor devices available in the market related to the Android application, people will be able to live in a world of infinite imagination intelligent ecological environment.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Top 10 stunning architectural models in the world

Melting guitar and mushroom-shaped parasol are fluid architectural impression. It is the kind of deconstruction of the traditional, highly imaginative freedom Cartesian geometry, is not always able to get the audience's praise, but its strong visual impact and unique shape is also true that people never forget to follow the U.S. Cable News Network (CNN) reports, take a look at the world 's top ten fluid building it.

Spanish metropolis parasols
Located in Seville, Spain metropolis parasols, is the world's largest wooden structure, one of the city throughout history and in stark contrast to the urban environment. Architect J. Mayer H because of its architectural design is exquisite in 2012 was awarded the Red Dot Design Award. Here are the latest architecture design news.

Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Kunsthaus Graz in Austria is also known as a "friendly alien", to celebrate Graz in 2003 was named "European Capital of Culture" and built. It Plexiglas plate surface is less than 900 by the traditional fluorescent composition, by means of natural light and heat, you can see images and animations.

American Experience Music Project Museum
Experience Music Project Museum in Seattle has the most striking architectural style, its exquisite color and texture can be traced back a melting electric guitar, electric guitar architect Gehry to get inspiration from. In addition, it has been the construction of the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen sponsorship.

Spruce Street in New York eight
10500 or flat or curly stainless steel panels form a skyscraper facade. In order to make the building better integrated into the urban context, the bottom five floors are covered with bricks.

England Selfridges building
Sale Ridge department store building entirely by 60 cm wide, gleaming aluminum coating, crypt ands shopping World's whimsy is the beginning of futuristic architectural design. Therefore the design of its architect won six awards, including the 2004 Royal Architectural Institute Award.

England St. Gateshead concert
Curved glass mantle beneath are three different sizes, but the concert hall fully equipped with high-end technology. St. Gateshead concert hall built in 2004; its own complex shapes have become Newcastle City a beautiful landscape.

Helan Suleyman Han building entrance
From 950 square meters to 250 square meters of ground floor on the top floor with floor areas are building mobility patterns change. Total reminiscent of Han Eindhoven building entrance is developing into a new retail area.

Golden Terraces Poland
Golden Terraces construction is very complicated; it is by far the most expensive real estate in Warsaw part of the project. This mall has a glass top, containing 4700 individual glass elements to complex wavy extensions to four by Jerde designed.

London City Hall
London City Hall is the Greater London Authority and the Mayor of London's office, the Foster + Partners design will be designed into an oval original intention was to make the building as possible ongoing. Meanwhile, in order to improve the utilization of energy, building surface has been reduced.

Monday, November 4, 2013

European countries promote energy efficient building materials

In Europe, more and more people in the rental, purchase and build the house, the house began to seriously consider energy issues. Through the use of thermal insulation materials, the use of heat recovery system and equipped with heating facilities, new energy, a set of low-power energy-efficient housing, both clean and green, they can save a lot of energy expenditure.

According to the German southwestern Baden-Wuerttemberg government statistics, the annual heating energy consumption accounts for housing energy consumption nearly 1 /3 of the average home 's energy consumption for heating is accounted for 80% of its total energy consumption. Therefore, improving the thermal performance of buildings, for energy conservation is very important. In recent years, German at the beginning of the great attention to architectural design energy efficiency. Daimler Potsdamer Platz in Berlin designers of built-up areas von Kaduo Fu told reporters, is taken into account in the design of ventilation and lighting, which helps to reduce building energy consumption. Meanwhile, the window can be automatically adjusted according to the indoor and outdoor temperature vents, and accurate calculation of the air flow direction, in order to achieve a good convection: Summer indoors without air conditioning case to maintain a comfortable temperature, and can provide good isolation winter thermal effect. Please feel free to read more news on building materials.

Resident correspondents in Brussels for many years, during which lived in a home. Before moving, reporters live in a built in the 1960s, nine -story apartment building, the main reason for moving is too expensive heating costs. According to Belgium's biggest media group Roularta doing survey shows that most buyers focus on Belgian building or location, followed by energy. In addition, almost all respondents believe that 10 years will become the primary consideration energy. Owns a villa with a garden and swimming pool has become obsolete dreams, people no longer pursue the luxury housing. The actual demand to promote energy-saving building technology, energy efficiency in buildings makes Belgium the global forefront.

In France, the heating energy consumption accounts for about 60% of total energy consumption housing, heating is a Frenchman living in the most energy-consuming part. French government requires new housing to meet the latest low-power standards, and filled with the old house against the government proposal for the refurbishment of houses high energy consumption, laying more efficient heating equipment and insulation devices. As people continue to attach importance to the problem of energy saving, new energy company is now also promoting solar or biomass heating equipment in order to reduce energy costs, and a cleaner environment. According to statistics, if a building does not heat, it will cause a lot of heat loss.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

U.S. researchers have concluded six methods to keep cancer away

University of California at Los Angeles, a new study found that nearly 20 years, the incidence of colorectal cancer increased by 17%. In this regard, Stanford University Cancer Research Center intestinal surgery expert Dr. Mark summed up the six habits teach you protect the intestinal tract.

Eat berries. Ohio State University study found that anthocyanins in berries such as raspberries and polyphenols can inhibit tumor growth. Black raspberry (aka raspberry) in anthocyanins and polyphenols is more than red raspberries anticancer substances 40% more. And a few hours after eating frozen berries, get more anti-cancer substances. Here is more news on cancer and health.

University of California, eight-year study found that vitamin D helps change the intestinal cell growth and prevent cancer. Not putting on sunscreen every day, the sun 10 minutes the sun helps the body produce enough vitamin D. Fewer opportunities in winter, when the sun, the best multi- vitamin every day D.

Exercise 40 minutes a day. University of Utah study found that 40 minutes of high-intensity aerobic exercise (running, swimming, skiing, cycling, etc.) can help reduce insulin levels and inhibit tumor growth. In addition, aerobic exercise can promote digestion, accelerate intestinal emptying, reduce carcinogens residence time. Exercise 65% of maximum heart rate for the best 85%.

Eat corn with butter. University of Maryland study found that corn and other foods rich in cellulose component prevents intestinal tumor growth; ensure cells in a healthy state. Karolinska Institute in Sweden found that butter also has anti- cancer effect. Eat some fat dairy products per day reduced the risk of colon cancer 34%. It may be appropriate to eat corn with point butter.

Louisiana State University study found that curry inhibits tumor angiogenesis, when cancer cells are exposed to curry a day when the death of cancer cells by 25%. Therefore, eat at least once a week is best curry chicken, curry rice or vegetable curry. In addition, eating curry after taking a small piece of aspirin, anti-cancer anti-inflammatory effect is better.

Eat fish, drink white tea. Weill Medical College of Cornell University said that to prevent colon cancer, the refrigerator should be rich in omega -3 fatty acids in fish, such as octopus, fish and other marine fish. Oregon State University, the latest study found that white tea inhibited tumor cells stronger than green tea.