Thursday, November 28, 2013

Park lamp is an integral part in landscape design

Landscape design is an integral, but it is now not only plays the role of lighting, but also an important component of the landscape. Park lamp is most suitable colors white and blue. Other colors, such as red, orange or green, will make gardens and other green plant in the landscape becomes grotesque ugly. The footlights, rotating lights and colorful combinations of light effects worse, according to the rotation of the light ring on the surface of the pond, are dizzying. Therefore, the lighting design is still to be simple and practical.

From a practical point of view, when you walk through the garden after dark, but also to be able to see the road. So beside the porch, street, steps and seats are required for proper lighting. The brightness of the lights is a problem to be solved, the effect of low- intensity lighting is usually much better, but also to create a soft atmosphere. Good lighting is installed according to the actual results, usually according to the steps along the road sides and under the park lamp from low at the top than from scratch photographed lighting effects. Here, the key issue is the quality and position of lamps, rather than lighting design.

Lighting designer should be designed as a landscape art forms, drawing inspiration from the stage lighting techniques have dramatic effects in. To make your garden in the evening to be fully demonstrated, it is necessary to fully understand the best results of these techniques. Spotlight is the oldest and most direct stage lighting, which is usually a beam of light to illuminate an object from a height. In the garden, the spotlight can be used to highlight a statue or a plant. Its effect is to make a scene stand out in a dark background. Scattered light beam flood park lamp, lighting broader, softer lighting and more. Floodlight can be used in a scene, lighting or for a particular plant. Back lighting, as the name implies, is mounted on the back of the lamp body, highlighting its outline shape. It's critical that the light source is hidden, so back spot park lamp can create a truly theatrical effect.

Landscape art modern landscape lights are an indispensable part. It not only has a high ornamental itself, but also stressed that harmonization lamp landscape and scenic arts history and culture, the surrounding environment.

For example, red light lantern shape Landscape bring a festive atmosphere to the square, green palm lights stand out in the school of tropical pool. Landscape applies Plaza, residential areas, public green landscape places. Be careful not to use too diverse, so overwhelming, so cluttered landscape flashy.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

6 steps: how to identify quality flexible RGB LED strips

Flexible RGB LED strips into production because of the low threshold, and therefore launched this project to many people. But experienced people still have a way to identify, formal manufacturers to produce flexible RGB LED strips and LED lights with cottage version (meaning depends on manual work products produced in the rental ) is seeing from the appearance of a out. Here's to our Rainbow Electronics Co., Ltd., light products, for example, talk about how good or bad with the eye to recognize quality LED lights with it.

LED lights with flexible RGB LED strips with the regular production is manufactured using SMT chip technology with solder paste and reflow processes of production. Thus, LED spot lights to bring the relatively smooth but not more than the amount of solder, solder joints to a circular arc extending from the LED electrode pads of the FPC. The amount of solder joints cottage version of LED lights with uneven, mostly a dot wrap welding foot, while there will be varying degrees of tin tip appears, which is a typical phenomenon of manual welding.

Auto, Bridge Anti Oxidation 60 / 120 Leds /m Waterproof Flexible LED Strips Ribbon LightFPC of two copper and rolled copper, copper clad copper foils is projecting, and then looks at the FPC connector from the pad and look out. The FPC rolled copper is close and even as one can be bent and will not appear pad off phenomenon. Bonded Copper pad will appear if bent too much off, when the temperature is too high will result in the maintenance pad off.

If using SMT technology, the LED lights, and its surface cleanliness is very good, do not see any impurities and stains. However, if the use of hand- welding process to produce copycat version of flexible RGB LED strips, regardless of the surface cleaning, there will be residual traces of stains and cleaning, while there remains in flux and tin slag FPC surface.

Regular LED lights will use anti-static packaging trays volume, usually 5 m or 10 m roll, and then using anti-static moisture-proof outer bag sealed. The cottage version of the LED lights because of the cost savings, and the use of recycled roll tray, then there is no anti-static moisture-proof bags, look carefully roll trays can see when you look there are traces of clear labels and scratches.

Flexible RGB LED strips with regular bags and roll tray above will have a printed label, instead of printing labels. The cottage version of the label is printed, and specifications and parameters are not unified.

Regular LED lights will be accompanied by instructions for use inside the box and lights with specifications, while also equipped with LED lights with connectors or deck; cottage version of the LED lights inside the box without these attachments, because some manufacturers, after all, can be saved.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Power Power announces new 25W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply

For general illumination of the LED driver IC leader in the field of Power Integrations, Inc. today announced the release of a new 25 W LED T8 bulb ballast power supply reference design. The design (T8 bulb) The most striking is that efficiency of over 91%, achieving industry leading level, while the power factor (PF greater than 0.9 ) and harmonic distortion (EN61000-3-2 Class C) areas to meet commercial requirements.

T8 bulb is using LinkSwitch-PH family of LED driver IC designed LNK409EG single stage converter. Single-stage technology by eliminating the conventional two-stage design used in optical isolators and large aluminum electrolytic capacitors can greatly extend the life of the product.

Power Integrations, product marketing manager Andrew Smith said: "The lighting in improving the overall luminous efficiency, achieve high power conversion efficiency and LED choices are equally important, if not a single-stage topology, in the narrow space T8 lamps in a cost -effective way to maximize efficiency above 88% is extremely difficult thing, while the efficiency of the design was easily more than 91%."Smith added: "Most areas require commercial and industrial lighting products must have low THD or high PF - LinkSwitch-PH LED driver IC can easily meet the requirements of this specification, so that the final design for the global market. More information, see this new designs paradigm report. "

In addition to using the controller, drives, and switching MOSFET simultaneously integrated into a single package within a highly integrated single-chip design outside, Power Integrations' LinkSwitch-PH product line also includes thermal protection and over-current protection, including many protection functions. This means that only very few external components to achieve design plan - which for T8 lamps compact space is extremely important.

Monday, November 25, 2013

U.S. scientists have found an effective chemical molecules to deal with skin sunburn

Recently, American scientists succeeded in finding a chemical molecules called TRPV4, its role is overexposure to ultraviolet light generated by itching, redness, peeling sunburn symptoms produced a series of crucial influence. To offer the chemical molecules secreted inhibitor added to sunscreen creams, allowing ultraviolet rays of the sun in the confrontation can produce a more effective role.

China Network August 12 hearing, according to the French " Le Figaro" website reported on August 11, U.S. researchers recently announced that it has succeeded in finding a more effective inhibition of sunburn and reduce skin damage chemical molecules. More news on skin care.

Recently, the United States three universities - Duke University, Rockefeller University and the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) joint participation in a study called TRPV4 successfully found a chemical molecules, whose role is overexposure to ultraviolet light produced by itching, redness, peeling sunburn symptoms produced a series of crucial influence.

Because the body can produce vitamin D light elements, it is appropriate to ultraviolet radiation in daily life is still very necessary. However, once the excessive human exposure to the sun, it will result in a short period of redness, peeling and other symptoms of sunburn, and thus leaving the skin is aging rapidly and increase the chances of skin cancer prevalence.

Recently, one published in the "American National Academy of Sciences " (PNAS) the study showed, by the excessive ultraviolet radiation generated by sunburn symptoms may be one element in and out. Research team leader, Duke University School of Medicine professor of neurology and neurobiology Wolfgang Liedtke explained: "We found that for sunburn symptoms of a new interpretation of the doctrine."

In this experiment, the researchers will feature a group of normal mice and another group after transgene can not secrete chemical molecules TRPV4 rats were placed in UV light, after some time found that the measure has not been genetically modified, continue to secrete TRPV4 chemical molecules against excessive ultraviolet radiation group rats produced a fur blisters, peeling sunburn, allergic reactions, but not transgene chemical molecules secreted TRPV4 fur group rats were relatively no strong allergic reactions.

To further demonstrate the effect of chemical molecules TRPV4 research team rat skin cells was related experiments, subsequently on human skin cells to the same experiment. Study found that prolonged exposure to UV light activates TRPV4 chemical molecules, so that calcium ions confluence trigger spread, causing pain, inflammation, itching coexist appear, and then will lead to the proliferation of chemical molecules in vivo TRPV4 increased, and so on ad infinitum, causing the skin surface adverse reactions.

With this discovery, the researchers attempt to normal non-transgenic mice implanted chemical molecules secreted elements TRPV4 inhibition experiments. The results showed that: inhibitor prevents the confluence of calcium in cells, it eliminates the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin irritation.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

French media: tablets become the most desirable 2013 Christmas gift

According to Agence France-Presse, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany -based market research firm GfK Group's local time November 18, said in a technology-based items, smart phones and tablet PCs will once again become the star of Christmas. In France, there are no less than 4.3 million units or smart phones and tablet PCs were sold during the holiday season.

Reported that the Frenchman or listed in the GfK Group's 10 largest technology products to spend nearly 2 billion euros (about 16.461 billion). And 2012's "investment" compared to this figure quite stable. Pick up 2013 Christmas gift for your family and friends here at

It is reported that the risk of smart phones top the list for two consecutive years, followed by a tablet computer. The GfK Group's senior officers said that the smart phone is the 2013 Christmas Frenchman real darling. But thanks to a variety of budgets developed, aimed at all consumers a variety of prices, extensive quotations makes the Tablet PC and smart phone has been nearly as much welcome.

It is reported that immediately after the smartphone tablet will achieve higher than TV or laptop PC sales expected in 12 months this month alone its sales will more than 450 million euros.

GfK Group, said, digital cameras, portable radios, televisions and personal computers to attract consumers compared to 2012 has decreased, but remained stable squat Christmas gift list. The GfK Group noted that, in these products, innovation will be never like this so persuasive factor.