Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Toshiba LED tube lights support the French Louvre museum lighting retrofit project

Japanese factory Toshiba and the Louvre Museum in France recently signed a cooperation agreement, Toshiba will provide about 4500 units of the light bulb, lighting will also provide support for the cost of the reconstruction project, to support the Louvre museum lighting retrofit project, the agreement period of June 30, 2010 - December 31, 2023.

Louvre museum plans to Napoleon Square, Pyramid (Pyramid), a small pyramid (Pyramidion) and Cali courtyard (CourCarree, square atrium) lighting replacement LED tube light products.

Napoleon Square, lighting and a small pyramid at the end of 2011 to complete the transformation plan, lighting retrofits Cali courtyard will strive to be completed in 2012.

By providing LED tube light to the world famous Louvre Museum, Toshiba can expand brand awareness of lighting, thereby expanding the lighting business. The Louvre Museum is valued Toshiba LED tube light technology to the museum's heritage and beautiful lighting environment and achieves significant energy saving advantages.

It is reported that Toshiba has been from the beginning of April 2009 carried out on a global scale "new lighting business " in Europe, France, Germany and Italy have set up outlets, now France to strengthen sales.

Toshiba A19 museum installed 150 lights for museum periphery, the District of Columbia and Caroline lighting legal construction zone. The museum is expected to install more lighting in Cullinan Hall and Japanese gallery district. Toshiba International Corporation said that compared with traditional lighting fixtures, A19 lamps can reduce energy consumption by 85%.

The new LED lights will replace the existing 70 -watt metal halide lamp, for a 90 feet high mural lighting. This piece of art lighting will be reduced by 40 % of electricity consumption.

Monday, January 6, 2014

What are the prospects for LED tube light in metro lighting?

In the current context of global energy shortage, LED as a new green lighting products, is the future trend of development, with the further maturation of LED technology, not only to achieve better development in the field of indoor lighting design and development, in traffic will also play an active role, and will become a new growth point in the field.

Champoux consulting industry analyst pointed out: Metro lighting has a very high demand, LED is undoubtedly the best choice, it is energy-saving, stable and durability of a traditional lamps unparalleled advantages and characteristics of strong earthquake is very suitable for metro operational environment.

At present, the number is about 48 subways, while 28 metro cities being built, and the existing subway network in the country to use more traditional lighting. Guangzhou, where a total of 14 field stations and other public areas, lighting systems, will be replaced at the beginning of this year, energy-saving LED tube lights, lighting transform the number of about 1.8 million units. Paris public transport organization France also collaborated with Philips on 250,000 LED tube lights rapid rail network in Paris transport system 302 subway stations and 66 suburban stations were LED retrofit, LED lighting market potential can be described as the subway is pretty huge.

Because the light bulb is also part of the subway in the country under the auspices of exploratory projects, commercialization of ideas is not yet clear. In foreign subway LED lighting and other large projects, energy contract management mode assume an important role, but it is difficult to promote in China, in addition to its domestic enough to understand, there is also a lot of obstacles on the mechanism, which gives cooperation process for the commercialization of domestic LED project caused great distress.

When the LED luminous efficiency of the use of the limit, energy-saving LED lighting effects will no longer be the ultimate selling point of interest, the future of LED tube light reflected in the more competitive intelligence needs. National introduced the "subway place lighting LED tube lights technical specifications", details the subway procurement specification LED lighting, LED lighting for the subway opened a standardized way.

Champoux consulting in the " 2013-2016 China LED industry market prospects and Investment Value Analysis Report " pointed out: LED is actually a semiconductor junction can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, the life of up to 100,000 hours of theoretical data. Metro LED lighting for many companies are racing to grab the subway lighting market, LED tube lights bring people the best experience, high quality of life for everyone lit, homeopathy into the new city will be a lighting era.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Mall lighting case: what’s so great about Montreal mall lighting design?

This case is in Montreal, Canada DGI mall super bright super bright LED light. Lightemotion idea Lumenpulse super bright LED light produces a bi-directional to create a friendly atmosphere and dynamic lighting, consists of two elements (a frame with RGBLED and a flood directed downward oriented), this new indication upward colored light fixture is below what.

By installing the ceiling in each of these devices safe Complex Desjardins, Ligthemotion can create very subtle nuances of color, the color of the path covered mall vault effect produced. Outside, each covering two entrances of buildings Marquee also offers lighting systems can be projected to the ground color ad inside the atmosphere light show.

Consumer awareness, bright space so that customers have a sense of security, and therefore usually higher than the indoor entrance to the brightness brightness, color temperature should be coordinated with the room, so contrast is too strong, resulting in significantly excessive.

Atrium is a buffer area malls and public space, and increase the sense of openness mall, regulation of air quality; improve overall quality and level of the mall space. So atrium lighting design should have a certain artistic, decorative space and create a comfortable environment. Atrium building generally has natural lighting design, but business must rely on artificial lighting at night. The top of the tall atrium space should adopt downlights lighting, lack of overhead lighting to improve; walls can also be set wall lighting, but can also enrich space level.

Lighting is particularly important sales region, the overall impression is deepened customer, and on the basis of product characteristics portrayed lighting parts. Conflict with the overall lighting environment, the use of shading type unobtrusive lighting is better. Multi conventional lighting such as LED downlight, LED Grille and other lighting with energy-efficient super bright super bright LED light, improve lighting efficiency.

Sales and display area features a variety of forms of large shopping malls, cosmetics, clothing, daily necessities, jewelry, etc., on display in the form of model scenarios show, window displays, display shelves in the island, the main display cabinets and display cabinets. Can be used grille spotlights, searchlights on the model, to focus on the island shelf lighting, display cabinets can be used in the display of goods show spotlights lighting, hidden in the closet shelves super bright super bright LED lights on top of the light generated by the dark District fill light, increasing three-dimensional product.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Commercial lighting grows into an important market for super bright LED lights

Commercial establishments, direct consumption as a customer location, the requirements for lighting and lighting applications is relatively high. With the continuous improvement of super bright LED light technology, some of the leading shopping malls, stores, restaurants and so on have been gradually accepted super bright LED light.

Commercial lightingIn the popularization of energy-saving LED and the environment, more and more commercial establishments began to focus on the importance of lighting and scene lighting atmosphere. The year of 2014 will be the timing of the super bright LED light applications in commercial establishments significantly.

Lighting for commercial establishments positioned to achieve and promote consumer desire to purchase, etc., plays a vital role. To attract customers, commercial establishments must create a comfortable environment, a customer shopping if you feel comfortable, will stay longer, spend more, and would be happy to come back again and again, spending quality lighting can stimulate emotions and feeling, thereby strengthening the store brand. In light of the specific goods to improve their external image, strengthen the focus of attention, but also play a role in stimulating consumption.

Many owners of commercial establishments and engineering units deep understanding of lighting design, only to do the standard brightness, but the brightness, color temperature, color and uniformity lamps are required to meet the physical and psychological needs of the workplace atmosphere and the people, in order to attract customers. Different types of commercial establishments, for different lighting needs, such as supermarket chains lively atmosphere requires high brightness, high color temperature, brightness and even increase the depths of the supermarket, take a stroll to attract customers from the outside to the inside; while the high-end clothing stores requires local lighting and low color temperature, creating a high-quality atmosphere, the attention focused on the product.

The purpose of commercial lighting design is to create an ideal environment light and space. Owners of commercial premises between designers and manufacturers play a role of a bridge, through communication with customers, guiding demand, allowing customers to understand the characteristics of LED applications; provide to meet the needs of property owners lighting solutions, give full play to the advantages of super bright LED light.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Why do professionals choose LED bicycle lights for night cycling?

Today we introduce also a riding equipment SafeCycling, this is a simple but rich in wisdom products. Of particular note is that it is a team from Sichuan and last year won the Red Dot Design Award.

The device according to pronounce it well understood - "the road grid." SafeCycling is a safe in the LED lamp on the bike; it will cast a square grid on the ground in front of you. By twisting change the grid, it is easy to find people riding the groove or obstacles on the road - or is stolen manhole cover.

SafeCycling said that this design is the transformation of the traditional LED bicycle lights. Whether it is a traditional LED bicycle lights recessed or protruding hit obstacles will produce shadows that sometimes make it difficult to judge the road conditions. Compared to the grid changes SafeCycling on intuitive lot.

This projection equipment currently supports three modes with different usage scenarios will adjust the grid size.

Normal mode is the mesh size 140x180mm; high-speed mode is 140x260mm; while team model will broaden the grid to 300x200mm.

The same as an ordinary LED bicycle lights, SafeCycling light itself also makes it easier for pedestrians and cars noticed them, can greatly increase the safety factor of the night riding. You can choose to use wheel drive or battery-powered electric generating it; the whole device has only one button for switching and mode switching.

SafeCycling not we hear the first devices to improve cycling safety factor, and we had previously reported Xfire Bike Lane Safety Light (at the rear of the rider form a virtual laser projection two bike lanes). However, there is no mass production SafeCycling.